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CBS Radio Mystery Theatre - Catching Up [Oct. 17th, 2007|05:37 am]
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"The Last Escape"
Starring Joan Lovejoy & Robert Dryden
Originally Aired 10/17/74

An aging escape artist wants to attempt the escape that defied Houdini. His wife and her lover want to see that he doesn't succeed.

"Picture on a Wall"
Starring Dianne Baker & Dennis Cole
Originally Aired 10/15/74

A man worries about his fiance's safety after they move into an apartment previously occupied by two young women who were murdered in the garden outside.

"A Scaffold for Two"
Starring Bret Morrison & John Beal
Originally Aired 10/14/74

After a lawyer crash lands on an island he discovers his host is set to hang someone.

Starring Nina Foch & Aidman Lesley
Originally Aired 10/9/74

A bedridden woman is convinced that her husband and her new nurse are going to kill her. She conspires with her old nurse to stay alive.

"Sisters of Death"
Starring Kay T. Stevens & Amzie Strickland
Originally Aired 10/7/74

A recently married woman purchases a portrait at an auction. As luck would have it, it is a painting of her husband's first wife who was killed in a robbery attempt.

The CBS Mystery Theatre will return on Sunday with "Mind Over Matthew".

"Until next time, pleasant dreams?"

[User Picture]From: loafing_oaf
2007-11-14 07:32 pm (UTC)
Hello. Just passing through while looking for some old radio shows (I can't seem connect to archive.org). Grabbing a couple of these to see what they are like. Thank you for sharing.
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