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Share Old Time Radio
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Welcome to share_otr, LiveJournal's only community dedicated solely to sharing audio files of Old Time Radio shows. OTR, often called the "theatre of the mind," was the primary source of entertainment for families before the advent of television. Shows were produced in practically every genre (variety, comedy, mystery, horror, westerns, sci-fi, etc.) and featured some of the biggest celebrities of the era, such as Orson Welles, Jack Benny, and Lucille Ball. This community aims to keep the memory of OTR alive and well, along with introducing OTR to new fans.


To the Powers That Be, please note that a large amount of OTR is in the public domain, as much of it was either never copyrighted or has had its copyrights expire. In short: Don't shut us down! Old Time Radio and this community have NO relation to the RIAA, and we're perfectly legal (to the best of my knowledge)!

I don't want to be a stickler for the rules, but there a few that are necessary to keep this community organized and easy to use. PLEASE keep these in mind for each of your posts, and if you fail to follow any of them, expect a comment asking you to fix it, or I may delete the post. So save us both some time!

1. All posts are automatically FRIENDS-ONLY. Please keep it that way. All Community Update posts will remain public, however.

2. Use an LJ-Cut for lengthy posts (if you can't read your post without scrolling down, then it's too long).

3. This community is for Old Time Radio -- keyword: old. Modern radio is great, but it is not the focus of this community. Please limit your posts to shows dating no later than the 1970s.

4. Tag your posts! This will make archiving and searching for specific shows a snap. Tag each post with the SERIES NAME, and if the show contains notable actors (i.e., Orson Welles), you may include their names, as well.

5. Please make sure you include the SERIES NAME, EPISODE TITLE, and AIR DATE in your post, if available. Any other information you deem pertinent is welcome (file size/format, description, genre, etc.).

6. Requests are OK (in moderation!), for now. This may change later.

7. Please try to use a filesharing service that has a longer time limit than You Send It, such as SendSpace or MegaUpload. The longer files last, the better for the community!

8. Finally, please please please have the courtesy of saying a quick "thank you" when you download a file. It takes effort to upload files and then post them, and it will keep posters motivated to continue sharing their collections with you if they know people are actually listening!

Possible Options for Uploading Files:
[ SendSpace | MegaUpload | Box | Gigasize ]

There are dozens of other places, but these are some of the most popular.

Important Links:

Otter Project (free Windows software that helps you catalog your OTR collection. GREAT!)

Wikipedia's OTR Page

Archive.org's OTR listings (there are hundreds of episodes posted for FREE download here!)

If you have any links you'd like to add to this resources list, please feel free to leave me a comment on any of my posts (your_eyes_open).